Journeys of flying across continents, printing bicycles, !etters between islands, of turning a page. These and other imaginary, extraordinary, and everyday travels record adventure, tragedy and longing, confined within a postcard.

Thirty people who have crossed paths with lmi were invited to create travelling translations atter being sent the quotation 'to go to sea, first you need a ship'.

Printed with woodcut, linocut, screen print, letterpress, rubber stamp, digital, and handcut this work has been commissioned and curated by lmi Maufe and is part of the
TRANSLATING TRAVELS exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers, Scotland, 2018.

Artwork printed by individual artists

Backs printed at Vingaards Officin Letterpress Museum, Denmark.

Project supported by:

Bergen Kommune

Vingaards Officin · Bogtrykmuseet Viborg (DK)

Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

Edingburgh Printmakers